Remember the special moments and get ready for new experiences at Hotel Brigantino

Sala TV Hotel Brigantino

Do you remember the warmth and intimate atmosphere you experienced during your last stay at Hotel Brigantino? That feeling of being in a special place, where every corner speaks of care, attention, and passion for hospitality.

Upon your return, you will find the same warm welcome, enriched by small touches of novelty!

Dreams in blue

Do you remember the feeling of relaxation and comfort you experienced in our rooms?
At Hotel Brigantino, we have thought of every detail to make your stay even more special. Each room, with its touch of unique style and modern comfort, is ready to welcome you again.

Live every moment

Imagine your days by the sea or on the beautiful golden beach of Procchio.

Spiaggia di Procchio - Isola d'Elba

At sunset, treat yourself to the pleasure of dinner in our restaurant.
From breakfast to dinner, every moment of your stay is carefully crafted.

Every day a new discovery

The Island of Elba is a treasure trove of cultural experiences, breathtaking natural landscapes, and adventurous activities waiting to be discovered. From trekking on scenic trails to diving into crystal-clear waters, each day offers you a new experience!

Are you ready to relive these emotions and create new unforgettable memories?

Book your next stay at Hotel Brigantino now!
We look forward to welcoming you back to our little paradise.

Hotel Brigantino
Via di Campo all’ Aia 281 (Procchio)
Marciana – Isola d’ Elba
Tel.: +39 0565 907453 / +39 0565 907351
Cell.: +39 335 5783875