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You have a choice of four ferry companies for travel to the Island of Elba: Toremar, Mobylines, Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries.

The ferry crossing takes an hour and a quarter and the nearest port to Procchio is Portoferraio.

The Hotel Brigantino provides its guests with discount codes for purchasing ferry tickets online with 20% discount from both the Toremar and Moby Lines Companies, or with Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries offers. Your codes will be sent by e-mail.

Once you confirm your booking, we will send you your 20% discount code valid for Moby and Toremar ferries. It's very easy to buy tickets. Simply enter the discount code in the tables below, choose your departure and arrival dates and enter the details requested.

For the Blu Navy and Corsica Ferries companies, after the booking is confirmed, we will send a link by clicking which you can purchase the ticket at an already discounted price (no need to enter any code).

You will receive your tickets by email and you can show them to the staff at embarkation with no need to print them.

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