The elban territory

There is much, much more to the island of Elba than just sea and beaches. On the island of Elba you can:

Marciana Marina


  • Marciana Marina, a real gem and the town dearest to us.
  • Marina di Campo, the town with the liveliest buzz
  • Portoferraio, which is not just the ferry port but also a charming town with a picturesque crescent shape
  • Porto Azzurro, a delightful fishing village
  • Capoliveri, which still conserves the air of a medieval village with its fascinating narrow alleys and archways
  • Rio Marina, the heart of the island of Elba's old mining industry
  • Cavo on the north-eastern tip of the island facing towards the Tuscan coast and one of the island's oldest settlements.

Trekking all'Elba


  • Tennis, is really easy because at the Brigantino we have not just a tennis court that is always open and available free of charge but also racquets and balls. And if you want to take lessons to learn or improve your skills, our young coach Sara will be happy to play with you.
  • Trekking, there are countless walks on the island of Elba. And no excuses for even the laziest of us. There are walks of all levels of difficulty and they all share one feature: their beauty. When you walk Elba's paths you will be immersed in the blue of the sky, surrounded by greenery and with the sea ever-present in the background.
  • Sailing courses at Procchio
  • Diving at Procchio
  • Biking